Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Just checking in..

Well it's taken a while longer than expected, but a few things have been going on. I've been laid up for a while with a bout of the flu and my recovery period wasn't shortened by Mrs. Uppercut's insistence that I make use of my unexpected extra time around the house by redecorating the lounge. Let's just say that Mrs. Uppercut is not a woman to be argued with, o.k?

As if that wasn't bad enough, checking in occasionally at the O.I.C blog reveals that Ralph is posting like a maniac as he struggles to move the mountain of crap from his now you see it, now you don't Facebook page over to Blogger. ( And for those of you about to point out that maniacal posting from Ralph is nothing new, I hear you, but in this case I'm just talking about the sheer volume of junk currently spewing forth from the diminutive nutjob. Ninety - two posts in September, and still six days to go? Gimme a break.. ).

Anyway, I got to thinking that, you know, life is too short. And attempting to follow the tortured workings of Ralph's mind on a daily basis can lead pretty quickly to loosing the will to live it. Add to that the fact that there are guys already doing a great job of debunking the Buda pest on a regular basis, and if you're an avid follower of the whole sorry saga of Cinque dumb-fuckery you should make their blogs your first port of call. The links are on the right.

So, I thought what we'd do is to take the occasional closer look at the central claims Of Ralph Cinque and the O.I.C and maybe approach them in a slightly different way. With that in mind there's a post coming in the next couple of days which is provisionally entitled "Billy Nolan Lovelady's 1,273 ID points of light...and shade". I'm just doing a quick recount in case I've missed any.

Back very soon!


  1. The 'Buda pest'...... that's good. The insecticide is taking longer than expected.

  2. Also, FYI, on the 'Above Top Secret' site, where "Firsk" (roll eyes here) gets a response from one of the Lovelady relatives, and that was a while ago. It is important for them to know just how far this madness has descended to. I hope you are reading and will respond again with your thoughts/comments/suggestions.