Tuesday, 8 October 2013


is currently getting in the way of blogging. Sometimes you just gotta deal with other stuff.

Hope to be back in a couple of days - still to come, among other things, is part two of the documentation of Ralph Cinque's alterations to CE 369.

Meanwhile, a big thank you for the healthy and very consistent flow of visitors the blog has been getting. Keep spreading the word.....

And finally for now, if anyone reading is a current member of the Education Forum or knows the contact details for JFK researcher Bill Miller, please drop me an email.

Back soon....


It seems Ralph is so desperate to have people think he has something meaningful to say that he felt it was necessary to post a long rant in response to the few lines I wrote above.

I was going to do a few lines for him explaining how the Internet works ( in a really simple way, because explaining stuff to Ralph is much like dealing with a small child ). However I notice it's already been done very well, and you can read it here -

And I'd leave it at that, apart from the fact that one other small thing needs to be addressed.

I got one of these -

Didn't take long, did it? 

Despite the fact that Ralph's long, well documented but ultimately pathetic email intimidation campaign has revealed in the past that he has certain "tendencies", I think this is the first time he's declared an interest in fisting. Still, maybe having gone this far he'll take the final step and come out publicly, a step that I'm sure would gain him some respect.

Which would be more than you could say about anything he's ever contributed to JFK research.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Almost forgot...

to mention that Ralph has taken to asking for a pattern match between these two images -

Ralph Cinque, Altgens 6, JFK, Doorway Man.

I'll just point out that the image on the left is a blurry frame from the Wiegman film showing Lovelady in the doorway ( left side of the pic). It's shot from a moving car and in terms of the detail it contains is in no way comparable to the Altgens photo. Ralph knows this but thinks he's being smart, when actually the fact that he made this request proves two things.

1. Ralph is a moron.
2. Ralph is a moron.

I realize that technically that's only one thing but it's such an important one I thought it was worth mentioning twice.

For the match between the Groden Picture of Lovelady and Doorman, look here -


Ralph Cinque alterations to CE 369, part 1 UPDATED!

In my last post and the subsequent update I showed you how Ralph, who has spent the last few days banging on about marking the "area of examination" drew in a false black line on the image he presented. There's a red arrow pointing to it here -

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

He needs you to believe that the line is there in order to suggest the shaft of his imaginary arrow. There is no valid version of CE 369 in which that solid black line exists.

In a classic Cinque display of fake outrage and indignation, Ralph protests he's done no such thing and offers this as untouched version of CE 369.

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Ralph doesn't realize that this immediately proves the point he's trying to deny. Let's just overlay both of his versions and switch between them -

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Sure enough, the black line vanishes along with Ralph's imaginary arrowhead.

Ralph Cinque, busted liar so many times before, goes one step further and shows us that when the evidence doesn't fit he's happy to falsify it.

Tomorrow we'll look at how Ralph uses his photo editor of choice, Picassa, to mangle CE 369 into the crappy versions he uses in his presentations.


He just can't stop the bullshit...

Ralph Cinque, Liar, JFK

I didn't say you did it with a black marker but you sure as hell did it with the same software you used for your fake arrowhead.

Not that he'll give his reader's a link here so that they can see the proof. What a spineless, lying pussy this sad little fool is.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ah, I see... UPDATED!

Well that all makes sense now Ralph, thanks.


In Ralph's "Rules of how to present the evidence so I can cheat" it's fine to draw in stuff which doesn't exist ..

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Notice that what Ralph found ( which is in the red circle ) has to be augmented by a black line coming off the forearm and a white arrowhead to make it into anything at all.

At this point I would have quoted some of Ralph's text to make the point that he's lying again, but he's suddenly become pretty paranoid about that and disabled right clicking on his blog. In future I'll just screengrab anything that I want you to see directly, but as I've always said I'll provide the links to Ralph's articles so you can head over and check the lies for yourself.

I'm too pressed for time to do screen grabs right now, so I'll just point out that despite his claims not to have marked the forearm he's had to draw a black line on it to give the impression that such a line exists. And then draw in a big white arrow which he wants you to think is there while trying to claim that the "area of examination" shouldn't include the very place where the arrow is supposedly located.

However, while pointing out that there's nothing that Ralph won't lie about is fun, let's not forget that what he's engaged in is simple evasion. Ralph's imaginary arrow isn't the topic under discussion, I only mentioned it to draw attention to the fact that he's a massive hypocrite. In several days now there's not been a single credible attempt to refute this -

Billy Lovelady, Altgens 6, JFK, Doorway Man

Billy Lovelady, Altgens 6, JFK, Doorway Man

Clear visual evidence that the man in the doorway was wearing the plaid shirt and was therefore the Billy Lovelady. Clear visual evidence that the O.I.C is wrong about everything.

He can't refute it.
He won't show it.
He begs people not to look at it.

It's time to start seriously questioning the motives and integrity of everybody involved in the O.I.C scam.


Oh please Ralph, spare us the fake outrage.

The thick black line in your picture has nothing to do with the image in the History Matters archive, which I've enlarged here.

Ralph Cinque, Lies, CE 369, Altgens 6

Doesn't look a lot like yours does it? 

Ralph Cinque, Lies, CE 369, Altgens 6

Let's hope that EVERYBODY takes you up on your suggestion to go there and try it for themselves. Here's the link -

Any more holes you want to dig for yourself? Busted yet again...your miniscule membership must be so proud of you.

And furthermore Ralph, copies of CE 369 are quite hard to find on the net. I've searched carefully and can't find that terrible copy you use anywhere except in your posts, so unless you provide a link to the site you got it from we're going to have to assume that it only exists in your posts and on your hard drive. Which would mean the reason it's so very bad is because.......no........surely not Ralph?

And don't forget that the invisible arrow is meaningless -

Billy Lovelady, JFK, Altgens 6, Doorway Man

Billy Lovelady was in the doorway.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I can't stop laughing! UPDATED!

Wasn't gonna be posting again today but I can't let this one go!


Nice post from Mr "You can't mark the area of examination"!

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Hard to type for laughing!

Have a read of this Ralph, and thanks for making everybody's day!

And by the way, where did that god - awful copy copy of CE 369 come from?


Jesus Ralph, can anybody really be this stupid?

You draw in a black line and a white arrow which isn't there and then attempt to claim you didn't mark the "area of examination"? 

Comedy Gold.

You see, what you found was a black speck, and added a black line and a big white arrow to it to suggest that that's what it is. When you take away your arrow you've got a black speck.

The difference when I do it Ralph is that when I fade the lines away the features they refer to are still there...

Billy Lovelady, JFK, Altgens 6, Doorway Man

And...where does that terrible copy of CE 369 originate from Ralph?

A few reflections...UPDATED!

Well it's been an interesting few days. Nothing much to add today, and Mrs. Uppercut is demanding that I do some other stuff, so I'll just offer you these few thoughts.

Ralph is protesting wildly and desperately trying to get me to play with one of his collages .The reason for that is that he's still trying to sell you a false comparison. He wants you to believe that a tiny, unfocused portion of a large picture shot from distance will have the detail and clarity of a shot taken from a few feet away. That's why he offers you garbage like this, cropping the Altgens portion as much as he thinks he can get away with and the Groden one to remove most of the vertical white line seen in Altgens.

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Notice, however, that he had to leave SOMETHING in - and we can both horizontal lines and a vertical one in the Altgens part ( And no Ralph, I'm not pointing them out to you. I've already done it, and people can see what I'm talking about. )

Altgens doesn't contain the same level of clarity and detail as a close up shot, as we've seen using one of Ralph's own pictures. There's absolutely no reason to think that it should. The only way Ralph could get a box to appear on his shirt in Dealy Plaza was by wearing one with a huge white square on the front and then attempting to claim that that's in some way a meaningful result which is comparable to Lovelady's shirt pattern. It isn't. It never was.

But there IS detail remaining in the Altgens photo, and that's what I'm showing here.  As we've seen, I've presented my evidence and explained the steps I took. And here's the thing.

It's not rocket science. There are no tricks.  Anybody with a basic knowledge of graphics software can sit down and do the same thing. ( And anybody who's already familiar with this stuff will do it in minutes and in all probability do it better - I had to learn how to do it first ). I used free software. Hell, with a bit of effort even Ralph could do it.

And ignore Ralph's attempt to muddy the waters by speculating about my identity or claiming that I'm an "op", as if that in some way affects the validity of what I'm showing you. It's a false argument. The evidence I've shown stands on it's own merits. It is what it is. And that would still be true even if I posted tomorrow saying that I'm David von Pein. ( that's a joke Ralph ).

I'm claiming no special credit for noticing the pattern. Most people who look at the clearest version of Altgens 6 can see it anyway. I'm just presenting it in a way which makes it immediately obvious and cuts out the bogus comparisons offered to you by the O.I.C. That's all.

So by all means try it yourself. The only way any of that pattern matches up is that Doorman is wearing Billy Lovelady's shirt.

Billy Lovelady, JFK, Altgens 6, OIC

Billy Lovelady, JFK, Altgens 6, Ralh Cinque

He is. That's because Doorman is Billy Nolan Lovelady.


And the only update on this post. I've got stuff to do.

Two things.
The shot he shows you as a "true" depiction is hopelessly blurred and is probably from a magazine reprint which has been uploaded countless times. I don't know without checking and he probably doesn't know himself. It doesn't matter because the Groden doorway scan is the closest thing to the original  he's ever going to see unless he gets off his lazy ass and goes to the National Archives. Oh wait....Ralph....research....not gonna happen.

And I already did one of those Ralph. I chose this one -

Billy Lovelady, Altgens 6, JFK, Lance Uppercut

Billy Lovelady, Altgens 6, Oswald Innocence, Jfk

Billy Lovelady, Altgens 6, Ralph Cinque is a liar, JFK

See Ralph, the way this works is that I've refuted your evidence. You're supposed to attempt to refute mine. 

And shove your instructions where the sun don't shine. Whoops, that's three things. My bad....