Tuesday, 8 October 2013


is currently getting in the way of blogging. Sometimes you just gotta deal with other stuff.

Hope to be back in a couple of days - still to come, among other things, is part two of the documentation of Ralph Cinque's alterations to CE 369.

Meanwhile, a big thank you for the healthy and very consistent flow of visitors the blog has been getting. Keep spreading the word.....

And finally for now, if anyone reading is a current member of the Education Forum or knows the contact details for JFK researcher Bill Miller, please drop me an email.

Back soon....


It seems Ralph is so desperate to have people think he has something meaningful to say that he felt it was necessary to post a long rant in response to the few lines I wrote above.

I was going to do a few lines for him explaining how the Internet works ( in a really simple way, because explaining stuff to Ralph is much like dealing with a small child ). However I notice it's already been done very well, and you can read it here -

And I'd leave it at that, apart from the fact that one other small thing needs to be addressed.

I got one of these -

Didn't take long, did it? 

Despite the fact that Ralph's long, well documented but ultimately pathetic email intimidation campaign has revealed in the past that he has certain "tendencies", I think this is the first time he's declared an interest in fisting. Still, maybe having gone this far he'll take the final step and come out publicly, a step that I'm sure would gain him some respect.

Which would be more than you could say about anything he's ever contributed to JFK research.


  1. Hope you're enjoying your time away, L.
    Ralphie's been braggin' about how many more "visits" he's received than here. Well, I've been thinking about that. Is there any way you can show his spewings HERE so I don't have to visit his "sight"? Sort of side-by-side, maybe his in a more diminunative point size. Cinque doesn't realize a lot of those visits were not by his pals.

  2. Yeah, you're right. I'll grab stuff I want to comment on in future instead of linking to it. It would be easy to wipe the smile off his face anyway by showing him what's genuine traffic in his Blogger stats and what's generated by robot and spam site crawls. The rant that led to this particular update is covered very well at Fetzering against Rational Thought...

  3. Feel special...that old pussy farther won't acknowledge my posts anymore...talk about his miniscule stature...it gets him PISSED!

    1. Pussy fart...damn autocorrect!

    2. Got another one today, I'll put it up later....

  4. Ralph's latest blathering has 14 'Oswald in the doorway' phrases. It is like a mantra to him. Om Mane Padme Oswaldinthedoorway. He is sick.

  5. Dang, Ralph hoodwinked Professor McKnight ! What a cad. What a cinquehole.

  6. OK, Ralph, let's compromise......... it was 'Oswald in the bathroom'...... excreting. Try that one out; your other theory's full of shit.

  7. So Ralph found a photo of Mr. Williams. I can guess what he'd like to do with that blowgun in his hands, eh, Dr. Cinque, PhD?

  8. Oh, Lance, Ralph's making you famous, bless his pointed little head, I mean nose.