Friday, 4 October 2013

Ralph Cinque alterations to CE 369, part 1 UPDATED!

In my last post and the subsequent update I showed you how Ralph, who has spent the last few days banging on about marking the "area of examination" drew in a false black line on the image he presented. There's a red arrow pointing to it here -

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

He needs you to believe that the line is there in order to suggest the shaft of his imaginary arrow. There is no valid version of CE 369 in which that solid black line exists.

In a classic Cinque display of fake outrage and indignation, Ralph protests he's done no such thing and offers this as untouched version of CE 369.

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Ralph doesn't realize that this immediately proves the point he's trying to deny. Let's just overlay both of his versions and switch between them -

Ralph Cinque, Lies, JFK, Altgens 6

Sure enough, the black line vanishes along with Ralph's imaginary arrowhead.

Ralph Cinque, busted liar so many times before, goes one step further and shows us that when the evidence doesn't fit he's happy to falsify it.

Tomorrow we'll look at how Ralph uses his photo editor of choice, Picassa, to mangle CE 369 into the crappy versions he uses in his presentations.


He just can't stop the bullshit...

Ralph Cinque, Liar, JFK

I didn't say you did it with a black marker but you sure as hell did it with the same software you used for your fake arrowhead.

Not that he'll give his reader's a link here so that they can see the proof. What a spineless, lying pussy this sad little fool is.

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