Friday, 30 May 2014

Hypocrisy, lies and ignorance - the Ralph Cinque way

Ralph Cinque....a bad bluffer playing a busted flush draw....

A comparison of the Altgens 6 photo and a very blurred frame from the Couch film, demonstrating the hypocrisy and double standards of Ralph Cinque and the Oswald Innocence Campaign

Ralph Cinque blatantly lies in claiming there is no visible pattern on the Doorway Man's shirt

Here, Ralph is referring to the Altgens image of Billy Lovelady, on the left above. I have shown on this blog that although this tiny portion of the Altgens photo does not contain suficent detail to show the pattern perfectly, the detail that does remain in the picture is a perfect match to Lovelady's red plaid shirt. 

( see here -

and here -

Ralph's only answer to this match has been to lie about it. According to Ralph, it's all "haze and distortion", which by pure coincidence has formed itself into the black-over-white and white-over-black pattern of Lovelady's shirt. Yet Ralph has repeatedly told us he's a man who doesn't believe in coincidences....go figure.

( Note that when Ralph refers to "Gorilla Man", he simply means Billy Lovelady in the Martin film of the TSBD Doorway. "Gorilla Man" is simply a Ralph Cinque fiction caused by his inabilty to comprehend anything about the way photography and film work.Well that, in combination with Ralph's propensity for using the worst possible images and altering them if he thinks he can get away with it, but we'll look into that at another time ).

Lack of clarity in an image is no problem when Ralph Cinque wants you to believe him

Now the above quote is Ralph talking about the image on the right above - a frame from the Couch film taken after the assassination. But the difference is this - here, he really wants you to believe that this unidentified figure ( barely recognisable as a figure at all in Ralph's crop ) is Billy Lovelady in order to sell the notion that he wore a red and white striped shirt. Suddenly, haze, distortion and blur become unimportant to him, and in this image he can see a pattern.

Ralph Cinque claims to see a pattern in what must rank as one of the worst images ever offered in JFK research

Not only that, but this blurred figure is apparently a spot - on physical match to Billy Lovelady -

Ralph Cinque continues to lie about the evidence

Yep, according to photographic analysis "expert" Ralph Cinque, the figure you see on the right is a guy who "looks just like" Billy Lovelady, wearing a shirt in which Ralph can plainly see a striped pattern. In Ralph's world, you only see what you want to see....

Fortunately Ralph, we do have a photo of Lovelady wearing the shirt he claimed to have worn at the very spot he claimed to be when the picture was taken. You can see it above.....he's the guy on the left. 

Ralph Cinque and the Oswald Innocence Campaign.....lies heaped upon lies.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Oswald Innocence Campaign collage corrections ( Number 1 in an occasional series ) UPDATED! and UPDATED AGAIN!

Comparison showing that the patterned shirt of the man in the doorway was not the shirt worn by Lee Harvey Oswald

( click photo to enlarge )


A photo from Cinque's blog where he admits that the shirt pattern has been obscured by applying a "haze filter"

Hmmm...."All that stuff Lance is fussing over".....I'll take it that you're referring to the EVIDENCE, Ralph?

So desperate is Ralph Cinque to ignore the shirt pattern that the O.I.C can't explain away that he finally blurts out how they plan to get around it. THEY ALTER THE PHOTOGRAPH! Shame that somebody forgot to tell Richard Hooke which one he was supposed to use......

Thanks SOOOO much Ralph, you really just made my day!


Not one, but TWO amusing emails from the befuddled Ralph -

Ralph Cinque is upset about being caught altering the evidence yet again!

This time Ralph is really annoyed!

The second one was actually about 50 lines longer than that, but I think you can get the drift. Just let me know when you're planning to start, Ralph.........

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Popcorn anyone? !!

Well I was thinking of posting a piece tonight but to be honest right now I'm really enjoying watching  Joe Backes kick Ralph Cinque's ass all over the internet, so it can wait for a day or two.

Follow the fun at Joe's blog here -

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

He's there...inside Ralph's mind! ( A new identification of the Oswald Innocence Campaign's "Guy not really using a walkie-talkie" in Altgens 6 ) - LEAKED O.I.C. INTERNAL MEMO! UPDATED!

This was sent to me by an unknown insider at the O.I.C who identified themself only as "G", along with a scrawled note saying " What in God's name was I thinking?".
A fascinating insight into the O.I.C investigative process.....


                              FOUNDER       DR RALPH C CINQUE




Hi Jim,

we've been taking a lot of heat after Richard Hooke's latest gaffe about the walkie-talkie but I've given it some thought and come up with something that puts us right back in the game - this time I've really knocked it out of the park! let's see those lying, blood-soaked ops try to discredit this! I'm going public very soon but I wanted you to see an advance copy. I know you're going to love it!

regarding Richard, maybe you can try to bring him back on message? because we're not really talking any more. anyway, here's the article. Enjoy!


Bobby  Quat   Ralph

P.S as you know I've suspected for some time that we have an informant in our ranks. I am inviting all senior members to attend my house, where I will pump them vigorously until somebody talks. will keep you informed

Richard, I've told you already that the amount of mistakes we can afford is precisely zero. And, at 1,483, we're currently way over that. You need to be more of a team player, Richard. Pass the ball around a little before going up for the shot.

That said, I've taken it entirely upon myself to revisit the figure in question, and using the same techniques as I applied to my flawless analysis of the doorway area I went back to the photo again. And I was thinking to myself "Well, it's not a walkie-talkie, so maybe...just maybe.... Then, after literally a couple of minutes ceaseless squinting, I saw it. And, there can be no denying that I am absolutely correct, and this shall be the official position of the O.I.C on the matter from now on.

Ralph Cinque discovers the Phantom of the Opera in Altgens 6! Oswald Innocence Campaign secret internal memo!

                          Guy not really using a walkie-talkie            The Phantom of the Opera

First you look for glaring disconnects, something that jumps out at you as a dealbreaker. But you don't let those bother you, no siree. Look at the mask, for God's sake! It can't NOT be him!

Of course, in Dealy Plaza we don't see the Phantom wearing his hair in his customary slicked-back fashion but this is simply because they transplanted Danny Arce's hairline ( or "cap" if you will ) into the image in order to "Arcify" it. Notice also that he has dispensed with his formal dress shirt, which would have made him far too easily recognisable as the scourge of the opera house in nineteenth century Paris, his C.I.A deep cover identity. Nonetheless it's DEFINITELY him, and there is not the slightest doubt about it. And the eccentric, tortured musical genius proved to be the perfect choice to orchestrate ( ha! ) the assassination once it became apparent that George H.W. Bush's refusal to take his hands out of his pockets made it almost impossible for people to understand what he wanted them to do.

Crucially we can see the Phantom wield his conductors baton as he directs the various teams of shooters in Dealy Plaza, and it's absolutely certain that's what he's doing. O.I.C senior member Tyler Newcomb probably agrees, and although nobody knows who he is and I didn't actually ask him we have a photo of him holding some sort of trumpet on the O.I.C website, so he definitely knows what he's talking about.

 If only Altgens had taken his photo a few seconds later, when we would have seen the Phantom's final dramatic three-foot leap into the air, furiously waving his baton in the direction of the grassy knoll as he cues the "Badgeman" shot. And there can be no question that's what happened, and only the bloodied would attempt to deny it. We know for certain that Senator Ralph Yarborough, riding in the Vice-Presidential car, would have filmed the whole event with his eyes, as I have shown with his sighting of Gordon Arnold. But, that film was lost to us with Yarborough's death in 1996. In fact it is the whole question of the missing "eye-film" footage which has led O.I.C senior member Richard Charnin and myself to regard Yarborough's untimely death at the early age of 92 as highly suspicious.

We are truly living in a bizarro world when the entire population of the UK would seek to deny this. But, the pictures don't lie, even the ones I believe to be extensively altered. We can see the crazed fictional musician there just as sure as it's Christ on the cross, although obviously as an atheist I don't believe it was. Christ, that is, not the Phantom. He is most certainly there, and we can see him with our own eyes, and that trumps everything that anyone who was actually there at the time might have seen, or said. The conspirators could never have foresaw that the Phantom would be rocketed to fame and worldwide recognition by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1986. Bad luck for them.

Sources -
"They messed with his Head", ( article by Ralph C Cinque, Bean and Pulse Weekly 2012 )
"Ralph Yarborough filmed stuff with his Eyes" ( Ralph C Cinque, unpublished, 2014 )


And a very brief one because I'm away from home at the moment. Plenty to go at when I get back next week, since Ralph's ramblings seem to have taken an even more bizarre turn than normal at the moment.

Just a brief explanation, since a couple of you have queried the Ralph Yarborough reference in emails - could Ralph actually have claimed that Senator Ralph Yarborough had the unique ability to "film things with his eyes"? Come on guys, it's Ralph we're talking about....of course he could, on the Amazon JFK forum -

Ralph Cinque, Oswald Innocence Campaign, Altgens 6, Danny Arce, Mark Lane, Jim Fetzer

Ralph is currently investigating the possibility that before his death, Yarborough had managed to perfect the trickier technique of recording stuff with his ears...

Back soon!.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ralph finally shoots...and misses..... UPDATED! and UPDATED AGAIN!

After hiding for two days as he attempts to deal with the realisation that the O.I.C's latest line of bullshit has been torpedoed, Ralph finally attempts a response to my last post. And even by his usual crushingly low standards, it's pathetic.

I'll ignore all of the opening guff, which consists of Ralph lying about my previous presentations and has already been comprehensively dealt with here.

After some brief waffling about Danny Arce's clothing, Ralph finally gets around to asking a question....

Ralph Cinque's question shows he has reading comprehension issues!

I answered the question, idiot. Which part of the following sentence from my post are you having trouble with Ralph?

"It's not  Danny Arce in the photo either, but that's another issue"

Of course I'm denying that it's Danny Arce Ralph, so we can immediately discount your feeble protestations that the clothing doesn't match, since your ASSUMPTION that you have made a correct identification is of course not PROOF that you are correct. The fact that the guy in Altgens is displaying an area of white T-shirt is a further argument AGAINST it being Arce, doofus. Since I don't think it's Arce, I'm not surprised he's dressed differently.  And let's be honest Ralph ( I know it's a difficult concept for you ) ,we're talking about a figure in the crowd who would be totally unremarkable UNLESS you started from the mistaken premise that he's using a walkie-talkie and THEN looked around for a known figure that might vaguely resemble him.

And here, overwhelmingly vague is all you have. In fact the absolute best you can say is that the hairlines are slightly similar, but you would need to be a total whackjob or just pushing an agenda of bullshit to assert with any degree of confidence that these two images are a 100% match -

Comparison showing that Danny Arce is not identified in the Altgens photo

Notice that in Altgens the car window obscures a good part of the man's face, including almost all of the mouth and part of the nose - and also, that in any case the truth is that there's very little facial detail in this tiny Altgens crop, and certainly nothing that suffices as a positive identification. No-one has ever looked at the Altgens photo and said "Wow, there's Danny Arce". They speculate that it must be him only after they have wrongly interpreted a t-shirt and a car window to be a walkie talkie. Then a mountain of lies is heaped on top of the speculation, which is now asserted as fact. Further crap is piled on in defence of the lies, exactly as Ralph is attempting to do now. And this shoddy,  sensationalist approach is exactly the thing that gives honest researchers a bad press. There ARE interesting questions to be asked about Danny Arce, I agree. But whether or not he was photographed using a walkie-talkie in Dealy Plaza is not one of them. This is just nonsense dreamed up by idiots. Idiots who in this case have an agenda which REQUIRES that they attempt to discredit Arce, simply because he correctly identified the Doorway Man as Billy Lovelady.
In fact, I have a match for the guy in the Altgens photo who is just as convincing as Arce. But I'll talk about that in my next post.

Ralph follows up with a mixture of garbage and outright lies concerning the car and the window, but I notice that while I've been typing this post bpete has made a nice job of answering them and saved me the trouble, so I'll just refer you here to read it -

and confine myself to commenting that Ralph's entire discussion of the car serves only to demonstrate that -

a) Ralph was either ignorant of the make and model of car under discussion and, being too fucking lazy to research it decided to grab the first picture of a car door he could find and make up some crap about it, or

b) Ralph was aware of the make and model of the car but correctly surmised that using actual images of the right model would not allow him to lie about the evidence.

Either way he's still a fucking idiot. Read it at bpete's place on the link above.


Ralph's entire counter argument is now reduced to foot - stamping and shouting "It's not a t-shirt" over and over again whilst sobbing uncontrollably and insisting that nobody can have more than one car window open at the same time. All supported by more photos of the wrong car.....

Oh, and some shit that we weren't talking about anyway where he explains how you're allowed to lean to one side in Ralph's world, all shown to be crap many times before. You're not a doctor, you pathetic old bastard.....

Bobby Quattro will doubtless be thrilled.


Having decided that there's no more mileage in trying to turn a t-shirt and a car window into a walkie-talkie on which Danny Arce is talking to George H.W. Bush ( who I think according to Richard Hooke is supposed to be in a cupboard in the Dal-Tex building at this point, or some such crap ), Ralph has jumped like a broken record back to his now legendary lecture "People have only ever stood the way I say so and they never move either". I've covered before how this is utter junk in this post -
so I won't rehash the whole thing here, but I'm just going to add this image -

( Credit - bpete at Fetzering Against Rational Thought )

which shows four people looking pretty comfortable doing what Ralph "Not a Doctor" Cinque claims to be an orthopedic impossibility.

This image, which neatly summarises Ralph's credibility as far as medical expertise goes -

How's your Facebook page looking these days "Doc"?

And these, just to make a point which wouldn't need making if I was debating someone with an IQ larger than the split second of time captured in a photograph, people can be pictured in pretty much any position you can imagine -

Nobody ever claimed that Lovelady watched the whole motorcade while leaning to his left. But I guess when you're Ralph Cinque, desperate lies and utter bullshit are all you've got.

P.S to Ralph....I don't recall ever claiming to be an American. Or did I? I suggest you take a look at this film....

And one final P.S, to Ralph, who's still frantically posting nonsense like a complete lunatic....even O.I.C. senior member Richard Hooke doesn't buy this shit Ralph. He now maintains that both Lovelady and Black Tie Man are unaltered in Altgens. The only bit he's stll getting wrong is Lovelady's name......

Friday, 2 May 2014

What do you think? Will the Oswald Innocence Campaign EVER be correct about ANYTHING?

The burning question of the day from the Clown Consortium.......

Oswald Innocence Campaign Altgens crop showing what they incorrectly claim to be Danny Arce using a walkie-talkie in Dealy Plaza. And a photo of some childrens toys, for some reason!

Quite simply Ralph, the answer to your question ( It's not Danny Arce in the photo either, but that's another issue ). What you are incorrectly interpreting as a walkie-talkie is simply a combination of the t-shirt of the man combined with the open quarter light (vent) of the car ( the vehicle in question is the Vice-Presidential Secret Service follow -up car ). The straight feature which you believe to be an antenna is the top edge of the open vent window, and is clearly separate from the white t-shirt visible behind it.

Can we find other images where an open quarter light window is showing this straight line in a similar fashion? Yep, we sure can -

1963 Ford Sedan showing open quarter light window

One example will suffice here, but there are plenty more.

What we're actually seeing in Altgens is this -

Analysis of Altgens 6 crop showing that the Oswald Innocence Campaign are once again completely incorrect!

Notice that the door of the car is slightly open here, pushing the quarter light window further away from the car body, and also the curved top of the t-shirt, following the neck line exactly as we would expect.

All fairly simple stuff Ralph.......unless, of course, your real agenda is the promotion of as much B.S. as possible.

Oh, wait.......