Friday, 30 May 2014

Hypocrisy, lies and ignorance - the Ralph Cinque way

Ralph Cinque....a bad bluffer playing a busted flush draw....

A comparison of the Altgens 6 photo and a very blurred frame from the Couch film, demonstrating the hypocrisy and double standards of Ralph Cinque and the Oswald Innocence Campaign

Ralph Cinque blatantly lies in claiming there is no visible pattern on the Doorway Man's shirt

Here, Ralph is referring to the Altgens image of Billy Lovelady, on the left above. I have shown on this blog that although this tiny portion of the Altgens photo does not contain suficent detail to show the pattern perfectly, the detail that does remain in the picture is a perfect match to Lovelady's red plaid shirt. 

( see here -

and here -

Ralph's only answer to this match has been to lie about it. According to Ralph, it's all "haze and distortion", which by pure coincidence has formed itself into the black-over-white and white-over-black pattern of Lovelady's shirt. Yet Ralph has repeatedly told us he's a man who doesn't believe in coincidences....go figure.

( Note that when Ralph refers to "Gorilla Man", he simply means Billy Lovelady in the Martin film of the TSBD Doorway. "Gorilla Man" is simply a Ralph Cinque fiction caused by his inabilty to comprehend anything about the way photography and film work.Well that, in combination with Ralph's propensity for using the worst possible images and altering them if he thinks he can get away with it, but we'll look into that at another time ).

Lack of clarity in an image is no problem when Ralph Cinque wants you to believe him

Now the above quote is Ralph talking about the image on the right above - a frame from the Couch film taken after the assassination. But the difference is this - here, he really wants you to believe that this unidentified figure ( barely recognisable as a figure at all in Ralph's crop ) is Billy Lovelady in order to sell the notion that he wore a red and white striped shirt. Suddenly, haze, distortion and blur become unimportant to him, and in this image he can see a pattern.

Ralph Cinque claims to see a pattern in what must rank as one of the worst images ever offered in JFK research

Not only that, but this blurred figure is apparently a spot - on physical match to Billy Lovelady -

Ralph Cinque continues to lie about the evidence

Yep, according to photographic analysis "expert" Ralph Cinque, the figure you see on the right is a guy who "looks just like" Billy Lovelady, wearing a shirt in which Ralph can plainly see a striped pattern. In Ralph's world, you only see what you want to see....

Fortunately Ralph, we do have a photo of Lovelady wearing the shirt he claimed to have worn at the very spot he claimed to be when the picture was taken. You can see it above.....he's the guy on the left. 

Ralph Cinque and the Oswald Innocence Campaign.....lies heaped upon lies.


  1. Gosh, Lance, I see the esteemed doctor has dedicated his 260th post this month in a re-butt-all to your 6th entry. My, the little fella's got a lot to say, huh?

    But I'm sure the real thrill is for Mark Lane, who now has a 'Lovelady' named after him.

    Better than 'Lance Lovelady', I must say. Uh-oh, now I've gone and done it !!
    Sorry. But thanks for your post, Mr. U !!!

    1. You've got to love how the little shit couldn't find a word to say in defence of his Couch film claims and just resorts to re-hashing the same old crap yet again...!!