Friday, 2 May 2014

What do you think? Will the Oswald Innocence Campaign EVER be correct about ANYTHING?

The burning question of the day from the Clown Consortium.......

Oswald Innocence Campaign Altgens crop showing what they incorrectly claim to be Danny Arce using a walkie-talkie in Dealy Plaza. And a photo of some childrens toys, for some reason!

Quite simply Ralph, the answer to your question ( It's not Danny Arce in the photo either, but that's another issue ). What you are incorrectly interpreting as a walkie-talkie is simply a combination of the t-shirt of the man combined with the open quarter light (vent) of the car ( the vehicle in question is the Vice-Presidential Secret Service follow -up car ). The straight feature which you believe to be an antenna is the top edge of the open vent window, and is clearly separate from the white t-shirt visible behind it.

Can we find other images where an open quarter light window is showing this straight line in a similar fashion? Yep, we sure can -

1963 Ford Sedan showing open quarter light window

One example will suffice here, but there are plenty more.

What we're actually seeing in Altgens is this -

Analysis of Altgens 6 crop showing that the Oswald Innocence Campaign are once again completely incorrect!

Notice that the door of the car is slightly open here, pushing the quarter light window further away from the car body, and also the curved top of the t-shirt, following the neck line exactly as we would expect.

All fairly simple stuff Ralph.......unless, of course, your real agenda is the promotion of as much B.S. as possible.

Oh, wait.......


  1. That's up there with Hooke claiming Ruby was weilding a gun in Dealey Plaza to that lady and child, turns out it was just her husband.

    We all know Hooke did get one thing right, photo unrelated, that Ralph is scum

    1. One of the few things Hooke has ever been right about!

  2. Is all this in that "SCUM" movie ??? Or are there………… sequels ???

    Thanks, Lance !

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    1. Much appreciated Joe...and thanks for the link!