Sunday, 1 June 2014

Oswald Innocence Campaign collage corrections ( number 2 in an occasional series )

Corrected Oswald Innocence Campaign collage

( click photo to enlarge )

Note to Richard Hooke and Dennis Cimino - in real research, any attempt to "enhance" the images you are working with should be properly documented so that other researchers may attempt to duplicate your methods and validate your conclusions. Otherwise, it's just fabrication....


  1. Ah, it's a brave quest to create fake images whilst you search for them.

  2. Hey, thanks for leaving your 'Recommended!' there on the right-hand side of your online newspaper, Lance. Makes things a lot easier. Dang, I swore this stuff off…… for a day. Tis' a strange pheromone, ain't it? Getting' stranger by the…. hour? Thought it was strange a year ago. What say you now? Egad !!!!

  3. Spelt ferramoan wrong. Still smell it, tho'. The scent of the Cinque is worse than the skunk, even when you're drunk !!!