Thursday, 5 June 2014

Robin Unger thinks that these are all the same person, Billy Lovelady... UPDATED!

...according to Ralph.

These four pictures of Billy Lovelady show how various photographic technicalities can affect the way we percieve an image

And of course Robin is correct. Which is why he's so much better at this stuff than Ralph Cinque.

However, Ralph is learning.....

For Ralph Cinque's own comparison of how technical considerations can cause two copies of the same image to appear vastly different, see my previous post, here -


This brief piece attracted a meaningless response from Ralph which only demonstrates yet again his total inability to comprehend what he sees in a photograph and which I'm not going to bother responding to - apart from this -

I believe that JFK was killed as the result of a conspiracy!

If you look back to the very beginning of this blog you will see, as Ralph well knows, a very clear statement to the effect that I believe Lee Oswald was not guilty of shooting Kennedy as well as the reasons for my criticism of Ralph Cinque and the Oswald Innocence Campaign.

Now as it turns out I worried unduly about the impact the O.I.C. was likely to have on the JFK 50th anniversary events. Their conference in Santa Barbara was a non - event attended by a mere handful of people, they were almost totally ignored by the media and we were mercifully spared the nightmare scenario of Ralph Cinque appearing on network TV as a representative of the state of  JFK research. The O.I.C is now largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, yet the danger that they will mislead the gullible, the less well informed and those new to the study of the case still remains.

Ralph would have you believe that anyone who dares to point out the flaws in his childish and simplistic stupidity is at best a supporter of the official story and at worst a paid intelligence operative sent to discredit him. As always with Ralph Cinque the reality is somewhat different. The vast majority of the O.I.C's opposition has come from within the ranks of conspiracy believers and serious researchers into the case. Warren Commission apologists need do little more than give Cinque the occasional nudge while sitting back to laugh as he brings ridicule on the whole research community.

The notion that Ralph Cinque is in any way a threat to the official story is merely a product of his own ego and wildly overactive imagination. He remains, however, a very real threat to the credibility of JFK research and researchers.  

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  1. Not if he takes all the liars down with him. Thanks for the post,Lance.