Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The People continue to vote 2! UPDATED!

We have seen in these previous posts how people in the real world think that Ralph Cinque is full of crap -



Remember that we're looking at a re-post of Ralph Cinque's "Visible Proof" video, but unlike Ralph's blog or Facebook pages where dissenting voices are heavily censored, this time people are allowed to say what they really think.....

Ralph recently made a big deal over two of his Facebook followers agreeing with the particualr line of B.S he was pushing that day, and this reminded me that I hadn't checked Youtube for a while. After my last blog on the subject Ralph enlisted the help of Oswald Innocence Campaign senior member Staffan Westerberg and overlooked minion Jay Knowles, and together they hurried over to Youtube in an effort to redress the balance. Surely their comments must have helped to sway at least some opinions in Ralph's favour?


Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

I particularly liked this guys response to Ralph's now legendary challenge to bet his left nut on a comparison he thinks he can rig -

Real people give their opinions on Ralph Cinque's theories

We know of course from past experience that winning Ralph's bets is simple. Collecting your winnings is another matter entirely......


Debate with such a well documented liar as Ralph Cinque is largely a pointless exercise, and actually is not the reason for this blog in any case. It's enough to keep pointing out the falsehoods....

Ralph Cinque contends that everyone who disagrees with him is a CIA operative!

Get real Ralph. Your own Facebook pages are a virtual wasteland, and on Richard Hooke's you are usually either mocked or ignored. You make the occasional post that gets a couple of likes? Well, whoopee shit. As I've observed before, even the Flat Earth Society still has members. And you've yet to successfully refute a single point - well, apart from the times you manage to accidently refute yourself. Just repeatedly saying "it 'ain't so" isn't the same thing as refuting an argument Ralph.....

Ralph Cinque resorts back to using poor images in an attempt to muddy the waters

Well if it doesn't it's pretty amazing that so many people see it so easily. Even when you revert back to using less clear copies of the Altgens photo as Ralph has started to do recently, the pattern is plainly visible. But of course Ralph always tries to make the above comparison without giving the context of the images - Lovelady in Altgens is seen from distance and the doorway images we use are greatly enlarged, while Lovelady in the Martin film is shot from much closer and the image is consequently much sharper and clearer. Ralph, as always, goes to great lengths to ensure that all of these highly relevant details are kept hidden from the uninformed observer. 
Oh, and Ralph...before you start blathering on about the HSCA version of Altgens being the best, it's not. I don't recall Robin Unger ever claiming that it was, actually - and if he did I disagree with him. As you have done yourself, when it suits you -

A prior claim by Ralph Cinque that the Groden doorway image is the best available. For once, I agree with him!

The only reason that Ralph has developed a sudden liking for the HSCA version of Altgens is that it's significantly less clear than the Robert Groden one. Not that it should matter to him unduly, because as he admitted here -
when the Oswald Innocence Campaign wants to muddy the waters they will just alter the image anyway - and carry on without mentioning it.

Ralph Cinque claims more Altgens alterations - with zero supporting evidence

Who the hell cares how long you've been saying it for? Show us your supporting evidence for this dumb claim. Oh wait....of course, you don't have any. Zero. Zip. Zilch. It's just another Ralph Cinque fantasy....

Ralph Cinque's screenshot of his own Facebook page shows he is virtually ignored even by his own followers

So a post which was shown to a hundred and sixteen people who actually follow you gets six likes? Gee Ralph, guess it really sucks to be you.....


  1. Yes Ralph, all the people who are random youtube viewers not affiliated with us core detractors are all ops,shills. Your cult lemmings arent biased and haven't been tainted at all by your disinfo. 2 +2 = Cinque(5)

  2. This is, of course a favourite tactic of Jim Fetzer. The whole world is just full of those nasty ops.....!

  3. yes, many people are speaking out against Ralph and his crackpot theories.

    They know a snake oil salesman when they see one

    nice job Lance

  4. HSCA version of Altgen's 6 compared to the Groden scan.
    in the end there not that much difference.

    I prefer to use the HSCA version, because to my eyes it has a cleaner look



    This is the large Groden scan i did


  5. This isn't even a challenge anymore. Ralph is wasting our time here on Earth. How should we punish him? Oh, that's right,Lance……. you ARE !!!! But when will this Cinque zit pop? It'll be a messy affair, no question. And why has no one removed themselves from the OIC 'wanted' poster? I shall keep asking that until someone does. The liars shall fall, one-by-one, then two-by-two. Bravo, Lance!!

    1. It's never been a challenge to refute Ralph's bullshit Mark. The challenge is to get the message out to people who are new to the case that the O.I.C is not about JFK truth, it's about the ego of one man.

  6. Now Ralph thinks he can dictate conversation in FB groups he doesn't even administer. Here he is crying to the admin again in LHO is innocent FB group simply because the guy isn't a doorman advocate http://tinypic.com/r/2j5kjuh/8

    1. Ralph's latest lunatic rantings over the H.Warner King slides are the final proof, if any more were needed, that this was never about JFK truth for him. It's the story of a failure with massive and obvious mental health issues who thought he could make a name for himself, nothing more. Others are equally to blame, of course, for encouraging this loser to think he was something special - particularly Jim Fetzer.....