Monday, 28 July 2014

Ralph Cinque, busted yet again, attempts to hide the evidence.....

Well, it was a big news day over at the Clown Consortium...

Oh, it isn't...

Now it will come as no surprise to regular readers that Ralph's "Big Discovery" turned out to be the usual embarrassing mixture of ignorance and ineptitude we've come to expect from him. I won't cover all of the reasons why because Robin Unger has already made an excellent job of it here -
and Bpete, here -,
so you should head over to their respective blogs to read up!

To summarise briefly, Ralph comically mis-identifies two traffic signs on a pole halfway down Houston Street as "extra pillars" which have been nefariously added into the film in order to cover up God - only - knows - what in the TSBD doorway. Leaving aside the fact that if true this would be possibly the worst bit of fakery known to man, since the "pillars" are not only completely the wrong colour but much higher than the rest of the doorway, Ralph seems completely at a loss to tell us exactly what "they" would have been trying to cover up, since according to his version of events Lee Harvey Oswald is still plainly visible on the other side of the doorway. When pressed on the subject of what "they" hoped to obscure Ralph will only reply, somewhat mysteriously, "people".

Oh, and he insists on referring to the imaginary extra pillars as "laser columns". Disappointingly, we never get to find out why...

Anyway...cutting a long story short, there's no way around the fact that we're looking at two traffic signs on a pole...

on a pole...

which, when viewed from Hughes' position appear to partially cover the doorway.

Ralph, furiously back - pedalling from the "laser columns" theory, now acknowledges that they are, indeed, traffic signs, but insists that for them to partially obscure the doorway area they must have been "moved". Now we have already discovered in this post -
that Ralph has absolutely no clue about issues of perspective in photography, but as usual that doesn't deter him....

Ralph Cinque continues to demonstrat his ineptitude

Bpete provides a nice graphic which immediately draws a line under Ralph's gushings of utter nonsense -

where theay actually are...
Credit - Bpete at Fetzering Against Rational Thought

I'm very happy about this since it appears at just the right time for me to pinch it and use it in all the Facebook groups that Ralph is continually spamming with this guff ( cheers B! ). Ralph's few feeble attempts to rebut it only demonstrate his ignorance of the subject - from Hugues position, the traffic signs partially obscure the doorway. Quite simple...

Hughes sightline through the traffic signs to the doorway
Hughes sightline though the traffic signs to the doorway

It all goes quiet for a while.....I can tell when he's up to something, I've developed a bit of a nose for it..

And...I'm not disappointed. Ralph returns for one last triumphant tour - de - force of ignorance with one of his legendary "gotcha" posts...

Ralph should learn to quit while he's behind...

I wait for a while till he's posted it everywhere, including on his blog where he does a nifty piece entitled "I got the Bastards",  then show him this....

Ralph is wrong again...there are two sets of traffic signs

Ralph has failed to spot that there ARE two sets of traffic signs on the left side of Houston Street. The one near the corner which is circled in the above image only appears for a split second in the Hughes film as the camera is panned to the left.

The "Gotcha" moment vanishes, and Ralph slinks away distraught. I'm not quite quick enough to screenshot his blog post before he deletes it, but on refreshing the page there's still some evidence that it was there -

Now you see it, now you don't!

I do manage to grab the same post from the "Lee Harvey Oswald is Innocent" Facebook page ( as it appears above ) before that too disappears a few minutes later.

Another day, another Cinque lie dispelled. Good job team......


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  2. Thanks for keeping an eye on that SNEAKY bastard Cinque
    trying to delete his posts where he stuffed up.

  3. Slinky Cinque. With all those OIC Senior Members standing by their king, 'Oswald strong'. Not one has resigned. Not one. Not even McKnight.

    Check out the list of speakers at the WC Convention in Alexandria, VA in mid-September. Amazing. Excellent post, Lance. You were thrashing Ralphie on Captain Dick's FB page. Bash that dingo !!

  4. Great work! Cinque has certainly been NAILED on this issue! TB

  5. Excellent work as always Lance.

    Keep up the good work debunking this clown's so-called research.