Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Yep, that's definitely George Bush. I'm absolutely sure of it. Oh...er...hang on a minute.....

It's long been established in the wildly over - active imaginations of Ralph Cinque and Richard Hooke that George H.W. Bush was photographed in Dealy Plaza on the day of the assassination, even though he actually wasn't...

No matter how many times Ralph Cinque claims George Bush was in Dealy Plaza he's still wrong!

No he wasn't Ralph. But by all means, please continue...

Charlie Brown, eh? Fascinating stuff Ralph, tell us more...

No amount of bogus comparisons will confirm Ralph Cinque's claim that George Bush was present in Dealy Plaza!

So there you have it - according to super - sleuth Ralph C. Cinque, not only was George H.W.Bush present in Dealy Plaza on the day of the assassination, but also when "they" realised he had been captured on film, after careful consideration of all the options open to them ( like maybe removing him from the photo, or making the photo disappear altogether ), "they" decided that the best course of action was to.....STRETCH HIS HEAD! 

In reality of course "they" did no such thing."They" didn't have to do anything at all...because it's not Bush.

The image on the right is a crop of a photograph taken by William Allen, showing the disputed "Bush" figure turned more towards the camera. The full image can be seen here -
The credit for finding this match goes to a gentleman by the name of Paul S.Vines, a member of the Facebook group  "JFK : Uncensored". Good work Paul!

Ralph of course would rather you didn't look at the above comparison, because that way he can keep right on bullshitting you to his heart's content.

So in waving goodbye to yet another piece of Oswald Innocence Campaign disinformation, we can conclude by paraphrasing Ralph Cinque's own words -

Bottom line : when Ralph Cinque tells you something, question every aspect of it. Don't fall for the ruse. Don't react like Ralph Cinque expects you to.

The Oswald Innocence Campaign...lies heaped upon lies.

P.S. -  The always impressive Doug Campbell had some great observations about this issue in a recent Black Op Radio appearance, which can be found here -

"They've beat the hide off the horse & beat the bones into dust & now they're beating the dust. If your understanding of the evidence in this case is so limited that it has to be Oswald standing in that doorway for you to believe in his innocence, then you don't have much of an understanding of the evidence in this case."

Doug tells it like it is. Well worth a listen.....


  1. Great work! I also noticed that the guy is wearing a plaid patterned jacket, or as Ralph would say" a series of horizontal and vertical lines forming boxes".

    That plaid seems to bite him in the ass every time.

    1. Thanks...but I can't claim the credit for this, it was noticed a while back by a guy in a Facebook group. I can't, for the moment locate the post - but as soon as I do I'll give him credit here!

    2. Post updated! Well done Paul Vines!

  2. Look really close at the window designs.. notice that the guy is not even in front of the designs he's on that pillar and the designs are way above head in this picture. C'mon people all you have to do is open your eyes..that is a fake picture and I'm sorry but that's bush!