Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ralph finally admits that Billy Lovelady is in the Martin Film!

When you're attempting to juggle as many lies as Ralph Cinque, sooner or later you're gonna drop one....

Ralph Cinque finally admits we're seeing Lovelady in the Martin film! 

Now while anybody capable of rational thought realises that in Ralph's collage we're looking at Lee Oswald on the left next to two photos of Billy Lovelady, the interesting thing about Ralph's little rant is this sentence -
"I say that the majority of impartial observers are going to pick Lovelady as the odd man out in this trio".
Since we know that Ralph believes the Altgens doorway figure in the centre of his collage to be Oswald, he must be referring to Lovelady as the figure on the right, a crop from the John Martin film.

And yet....

These are pictures of Billy Lovelady outside the TSBD after the assassination of JFK

According to all of Ralph's previous rants, his collage doesn't contain an image of Billy Lovelady.....

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  1. Huff some more HGH, Ralphie…... then revise and extend your remarks.

    Nice one, Lance. Thanks !