Monday, 22 December 2014

Another Oswald Innocence Campaign senior member resigns! UPDATED!

Oswald Innocence Campaign senior member Gary Fannin has stated that he has resigned from Ralph's group - in order to join the "new and improved" version led by Judyth Baker ( "improved" because it doesn't contain Ralph Cinque, presumably ).

In the process, Gary reveals that he's not totally sold on Oswald being in the doorway. This is fine be in Judyth's version of the Oswald Innocence Campaign it's not necessary...

Fannin tells Cinque where to shove his senior membership...

Cinque has yet to remove Fannin from the OIC website. 

Also....I don't know who Steve Memery is, but he he certainly has Ralphie sussed -

More and more people are arriving at the same conclusion. The dominoes are starting to fall...


Ralph attempts to put on a brave face concerning the recent OIC defections -

Well considering that his picture remained on the OIC website until I pointed it out it's obviously news that you weren't keen to announce Ralph.  Still, your invitation to Richard Hooke, Richard Charnin and Jim Fetzer to leave is an exciting development. We know of course that you already tried - and failed - to get Hooke booted, but I'm sure that Jim in particular will be most interested to learn that you're hoping he'll find the door.

I don't think you'll find that I mentioned anything about siding with Judyth, Ralph. In fact, in something of a first, my opinion of her is pretty much the same as yours. It's just pretty funny that she's managed to replace you as the voice of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. She sure done screwed you over pretty damn good there boy....

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  1. The rats are leaving the sinking ship