Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ralph Cinque bows out....with a whimper.

Funnily enough, only last night I enjoyed a speculative conversation with friends about what could be coming next in the wacky world of Ralph Cinque and the Oswald Innocence Campaign now that chairman Jim Fetzer has effectively installed Judyth Baker as the new voice of the irrelevant sideshow in JFK research.

I have to admit that I didn't expect it to be this....

Ralph Cinque, replaced by Judyth Baker and rejected by Jim Fetzer, announces his retirement from the JFK arena

Ralph Cinque announces the end of his four year struggle against reality..

Surprising news indeed, but I wouldn't be too secure about your legacy Ralph. In the new-look Oswald Innocence Campaign your message is already being diluted. And in the end you weren't smart enough to realise that given a straight choice between you and Judyth, Jim Fetzer was never going to choose you. 

Of course Fetzer should realise that replacing your bile - filled rantings with Judyth's own special "touchy feely" brand of bullshit isn't going to work either, because at the end of the day Ralph there's one thing we can say with certainty - thanks to the intense scrutiny of the Doorman question which you've encouraged over the last four years and the work done by many to refute you we can now be absolutely clear that Billy Lovelady was the Doorman in Altgens 6.

For that we may even owe you a small debt of gratitude.

Although I wouldn't hold your breath....


  1. Fetzer true to form

    Keep in there good books while he can use them to push his adgenda, and then discard them once they have outlived there usefulness.

  2. I'd like to start hearing some apologies from those who were "philosophically aligned" with this idiot. Many are still on as members of his travesty. Is Jack White still on the 'Senior Member' Wanted Poster? Guess it would be kind of hard for him to submit his resignation heh heh heh…… Learn to Lose, Ralphie.