Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Breaking News - Paranoia Escalation Alert issued for Buda, Texas

Ralph Cinque, in full panic mode because his latest comedy creation is in the running for You Tube's least popular video of the week, is hilariously blaming unknown dark forces for the avalanche of dislikes attracted by his video in the first view days of it going public. This face saving attempt of course completely overlooks the most plausible reason for the unpopularity of the video - it's crap.

In a desperate attempt to counter the highly visible evidence that nobody buys Ralph's three minutes of nonsense, he's had to resort to turning off the video stats. Can't say I blame him really, because they weren't pretty...

Oswald Innocence Campaign founder Ralph Cinque's latest video is not well recieved

Of course even before this drastic measure Ralph was already deleting any comments pointing out the multitude of errors in his presentation, as is his usual practice. You'll remember that we've already examined what happens when the public are allowed to comment on Ralph's videos without being censored, and the results were no more encouraging for him then either . You can relive the often hilarious comments here -

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

The People continue to Vote!

The People continue to Vote 2!

So, we can safely discount the fanciful notion that Ralph's efforts are being undermined by shady government agents. In fact, it's business as usual for the Cinque line of crapola...folks just ain't buying it.

Amusingly Ralph tries to give his bullshit explanation for the spectacular failure of the video some credibility by making up a quote, typing it out in a larger font size and adding the words "tech expert" to it -

Ralph makes up an explanation for the failure of his latest video

I consulted my own tech guy about this. Here's what he said...

"The ratio of views to dislikes is not uncommon, particularly when you factor in the undeniable truth that the video stinks. I'd have disliked it myself but some asshole has disabled the statistics".
- tech expert


  1. Ha ha. Tech expert. I think it was the same one Ralph used. He just bullshitted to Ralph to placate him.

  2. What's wrong with Ralph Cinque? Why is it like this?

  3. Excellent article! Cinque is such a joke!

  4. Nice one Lance