Friday, 20 March 2015

The Oswald Innocence Campaign continues to crumble...

Well recent developments over in cuckoo land have seen the departure of not one, but two more senior members - including the biggest of them all, Oswald Innocence Campaign chairman Jim Fetzer.

Predictably, Ralph attempted to to bullshit his way out of the embarrassment caused by Fetzer's resignation...

Ralph Cinque attempts to bluff off the embarrassing resignation of chairman Jim Fetzer

This didn't go down too well with Jim, who managed to get this comment up on Ralph's blog for a good while before it was spotted and deleted -

Jim Fetzer corrects Ralph Cinque's lies about his resignation as OIC chairman

As satisfying as it is to see Cinque dismembered by Uncle Jim, we shouldn't loose sight of the fact that for the past few years Fetzer has been the enabler and facilitator of every lie and fabrication Ralph Cinque has uttered. Not an honest broker? Well, no shit Jim. Your promotion of Cinque was indeed a mistake of enormous proportions - and one which has cost you the last remnants of any credibility you may once have enjoyed.

The second departure is that of Richard Hooke, formerly the OIC's chief graphics expert  cartoonist. 
While this is no great surprise since Ralph and Richard haven't been on speaking terms for some time now ( see here and here ), Hooke's expulsion is still a measure of the degree to which Cinque has managed to alienate not only the vast majority of the research community but also those once closest to him. 

There's a certain delicious irony in the fact that the O.I.C freefall has been largely precipitated by Judyth Baker, since Ralph's realisation that her story is utter nonsense is about the only thing in JFK research he's ever gotten correct. Ardent Judyth supporter Richard Charnin would seem to be the next logical bet to jump from the sinking ship, but as yet he's not found the integrity to muster up a resignation despite his constant criticism of Cinque. Time will tell...

And the new O.I.C chairman? Could anybody else possibly be persuaded to accept this poisoned chalice? Surely not...

But...actually, yes. Step forward Professor James Norwood, the latest in line to have his reputation irreparably damaged by a close association with serial liar Ralph Cinque.

New O.I.C chairman James Norwood, being carried by some guy

Good Luck James. You're gonna need it.....


  1. That was priceless Lance. I love the strike out font for graphics expert and the caption for the new OIC chairman

  2. Snap, Crackle, Pop. Or is that Ralph smoking crack ?????

  3. Really good summation, Lance, re-reading it again. Chapeau.