Friday, 12 June 2015

A Statement from Jim Fetzer...

Nonsense - laden diatribe From Jim Fetzer

A Statement from Jim Fetzer - what he actually meant

While it's true that a while back I outed Ralph Cinque for the lying sack of shit that he is I have far too much invested in the Doorway Man scam to let James Norwood blow the lid on it.

Since it has long been my habit to lend my name and support to any old crap without bothering to think it through I am aghast to realise that James Norwood hoped to take a more "hands - on" approach to his chairmanship of the OIC than I. Frankly a man capable of independent thought is not the sort of senior member that either Ralph or myself ever envisaged for the OIC, preferring as we did a collection of photos of people who would never contact us again and a few pliable yes men whose function would be to nod occasionally but basically say nothing. Ever.

Further, in my declining years I'm anxious not to be remembered solely as the only guy who got duped by that two-bit hormone - huffing quack from Texas. I'm sure I was once recognised for much better work...I just wish I could remember what it was.

Anyway, even though I have nothing whatsoever to do with the OIC and have placed on record my utter contempt for its founder Ralph Cinque, he has still come to me crying for help like a baby. It therefore falls upon me to try to salvage what remains of the Oswald Innocence Campaign and my reputation by making up some shit about James Norwood, even though I have previously described him as an "elite" JFK researcher in his many appearances on my show.

Integrity? Over-rated, in my opinion.

James Henry Fetzer.


  1. It is clear that Jim Fetzer did not understand the context of my essay, wherein I was only replying to the two questions asked of me by Ralph Cinque. Ralph literally demanded that I answer those questions as the condition for posting a reply on his blog in response to his disparaging remarks about me.

    Professor Fetzer did not take the time to look at the "context," just as he, Ralph Cinque, and other members of the OIC fail to study "context" in the JFK assassination. Everything is predicated on the altered Altgens6 photo, and, considering themselves to be medieval knights, they are treating this piece of evidence as the Holy Grail. Any contradictory evidence is simply ruled out as irrelevant or “fake,” and it is a fight to the death to preserve in tact their precious (altered) photo relic.

    It is shocking to read the discursive commentary of the OIC, and invariably, the discussion becomes personal. It was very disappointing for me to learn that Professor Fetzer said the following about me in his critique of my essay:

    "I now have serious doubts about his [James Norwood’s] character, which go far beyond his vision."

    I was only answering Ralph's two questions to the best of my ability. What on earth do those two responses have to do with my "character"?

    Lance is absolutely correct above when he recreates the words of Jim Fetzer as follows: "I have far too much invested in the Doorway Man."

    Ralph Cinque is fond of saying of the Altgens6, "the photo itself trumps everything." To demonstrate his point, he really should place the word "everything" in capital letters.

  2. Yes…….. Raff's back in the bosom of Jabba Jimmy the Perfetzer, sucking on his big teat, hoping the milk won't run out this time. Dang.

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