Saturday, 19 September 2015


An indignant Ralph Cinque opines...

Well let's see Ralph...

Maybe it's because your ideas are so childish and easily refuted that you make JFK research and researchers look ridiculous..?

It's ok though Ralph, personally I don't buy it.

I think it's much more likely that you're mentally ill.

Although then again that could make you a perfect tool for someone who promotes a whole swathe of ludicrous disinformation....

Can we think of anybody who fits that description?


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ralph Cinque, Bullshit Artist Extraordinaire...UPDATED!

Serial liar Ralph, until recently crowing about how the picture he would take in Dealey Plaza would vindicate his wild rambling about the Moorman photo (but then forgot to take it while he was there) is now reduced to micro - bitching about supposed tiny differences between the photo and the excellent and meticulously researched recreations which have already been carried out. And even then he can't get it right...

Oswald Innocence Campaign founder Ralph Cinque continues to tell lies about the Moorman photo

Well, we'll wait for the Buda village idiot to show us exactly how much of the "west face" he presumes to be visible. Should be entertaining...

Meanwhile, instead of comparing two badly scaled photos crudely placed side by side, let's zoom in for a closer look at the pedestal using the same Moorman / Mack overlay as previously -

As we can clearly see, the  Mack recreation and the Moorman photo are virtually identical. And the same is also true of the other recreation photos which have been taken.

The same can't be said about Ralph's photo, however.

We'll look more closely at that next time... 


Ralph invents an imaginary extra face to Zapruder's pedestal

You see Ralph, this sort of junk is why nobody takes you seriously. Every single claim out of your mouth is a godamned lie.

Those are NOT two faces of the pedestal you fool, and there is absolutely no reason to suggest they are.  It's ONE face which Mary Moorman was directly opposite. EXACTLY as we see when the photos are overlaid. 

Only one choice at this point're either the world's stupidest man or it's worst liar. Well two choices could very well be both.

I'm not trying to claim it Ralph, I'm stating categorically that it is absolutely and without question all one face. And furthermore, that you'd be a complete moron to suggest anything else.

Are we clear?

Perhaps the finest demonstration yet of Ralph's stupidity..

Ralph, this is probably the finest demonstration to date of your total ineptitude. Dog and pony show? I guess you imagine it's more scientific to take two incorrectly scaled pictures, paste them next to each other and spout garbage...guess again, idiot.
I have demonstrated very clearly that the recreation is virtually identical to the original. You have only demonstrated once again just how spectacularly bad you are at this...
You produce work day after day which could be bettered by small children Ralph,,,,,

And by the way the total silence from ANYBODY in the OIC on this is very telling...

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

So....Where are the photos Ralph...?

Despite the fact Ralph Cinque's claim that the Moorman photo was taken by the Babushka Lady has been proven impossible, Ralph, being Ralph, is still determined to persist with the lie. Obviously this is surprising nobody, so in this piece we'll expose a few more of his false statements about the Moorman photo and in the process attempt something which I fully expect to prove impossible - getting Ralph to give a straight answer to a simple question.

Before his recent visit to Dealy Plaza Ralph had this to say on Facebook -

Ralph Cinque makes a series of inaccurate claims about the Moorman photo in a Facebook group

Ralph Cinque attempts to tell some more lies about the Moorman photo

Well...where to start? The only sentence in Ralph's ramblings that contains a grain of truth is the first one, and even that isn't entirely accurate. The bottom photo in his entirely meaningless comparison was indeed produced by Jack White and Gary Mack but wasn't intended as a perfect recreation ( even though it's actually very close ). Ralph has been careful to omit the explanatory text which accompanies the picture, as we see here - 

You'll notice the reason for this omission of course in the words "her estimated approximate position" and explanation of why the picture was taken. It just wasn't intended to be a meticulously accurate reconstruction, but Ralph would prefer you didn't know that. And we needn't dwell too long on the obvious fact that the pictures as presented by Ralph are obviously of different sizes and useless for a meaningful comparison. Robin Unger has addressed this issue here -
and we can see in his piece that when the images are resized they actually match very well.

But we can go further than that.

I have previously discussed here -
the studies already conducted into the Moorman photo and provided links to detailed information about them. Ralph is desperate to have you believe that it's impossible to recreate the photo from Moorman's position, but the reality of course is that it's been done very well on more than one occasion. In fact both Jack White and Gary Mack produced reproductions of their own.

Lets look at Mack's recreation -

The late Gary Mack's recreation of the Moorman photo

Now we'll overlay it to the Moorman photo. Notice that the horizontal red line at the bottom of the photo demonstrates how far the photo has to be tilted in order to make the vertical lines of the pergola match the Mack recreation - this is because Mary didn't have the camera perfectly level when taking the picture.

Now we can see that the Mack recreation is to all intents a near perfect reproduction of the Moorman much for Cinque's stupid claim that it wasn't possible from Mary's position. The truth is the exact opposite of course - Mary's position is the ONLY possible position the photo could have been taken from. When Ralph started to make these ridiculous claims he was of course blissfully unaware that Mary Moorman's exact position has already been the subject of close examination. 

And, what of Ralph's last paragraph, where he claims he will take a photo from the Babushka position which will perfectly match the Moorman photo? Well, he now says he didn't take it.

In other words, he wants you to believe that he travelled to Dealey Plaza with a camera after spouting endless piles of garbage on this subject for weeks, took a picture from close to Moorman's location and didn't think to move a few feet to his right to take the photo from where he claims it was taken. 

Does this sound even remotely plausible?

Obviously the answer is no, so the question is....where are the photos Ralph?

Of course, you can be absolutely certain that Ralph attempted to take the picture from the Babushka position. You can be equally certain that the results proved all of his claims about the Moorman photo to be false. 

Ralph, being Ralph, will continue to lie abut this, but lies are all he has left.

Fortunately at some point in the not-too-distant future some REAL researchers are going to take that photo for us, so we're going to get to see exactly why Ralph didn't want to publish his attempt...

Monday, 7 September 2015

Ralph Cinque fails in Dealey Plaza UPDATED!

Ralph Cinque has once again ventured to Dallas in another half - assed attempt to validate his debunked ramblings about the Moorman photo. Predictably, the results reveal he has no idea what he's talking about.

You'll recall that we saw here -

how the Moorman photo contains an easily identifiable reference alignment which any recreation MUST contain to have been taken from the correct position. The point sailed over Ralph's head of course, but that was to be expected.

Zoomed in portion of the famous Moorman photo showing the "cross" alignment

Let's see how close Ralph got...

Oswald Innocence Campaign founder Ralph Cinque fails in his attempt to recreate the Moorman photo
Image credit - Ralph Cinque

The answer...not very close, although in all honesty a little closer than I expected. The "cross" alignment that we see in Moorman is a long way off because he's too far to the right of Moorman's true position, in keeping with his incorrect assertion that the photo was taken by the Babushka Lady, who was situated over 15 feet to the right of mary Moorman. Interestingly though, he's also a long way short of taking the photo from the correct position of the Babushka Lady.

Why? Well I'm betting that he tried. I'm also betting that we'll never see the results of those attempts.

Still Ralph, thanks for your work in proving your claims about the Moorman photo to be untrue. I knew you weren't going to let me down...


This just in from the brain of Buda....

Well in simple terms Ralph, it proves you were standing in the wrong place. It demonstrates that you were too far to the right of Moorman's position.

And in doing so it proves very nicely that the Moorman photo could only have been taken by Mary Moorman. The further from the correct position that you go, the more the alignment of the cross is disrupted. Easy really.

What you HAVE succeeded in doing is to provide a very nice demonstration of why your "Babushka Lady took it" idea is utter nonsense.

Exactly as I knew you would......