Saturday, 19 September 2015


An indignant Ralph Cinque opines...

Well let's see Ralph...

Maybe it's because your ideas are so childish and easily refuted that you make JFK research and researchers look ridiculous..?

It's ok though Ralph, personally I don't buy it.

I think it's much more likely that you're mentally ill.

Although then again that could make you a perfect tool for someone who promotes a whole swathe of ludicrous disinformation....

Can we think of anybody who fits that description?



  1. Raff* must have eights safes in his Buda abode now.

    To underscore your observations, Lance, read the bio of the late great John Forbes Nash, Jr.

    Ralph needs his meds, or he's gonna really snap, as in Texas Tower snap. If any OIC 'senior member' has an ounce of decency, they should perform an intervention on this poor creature, especially if they are a doctor ! Hypocritical oath ??

  2. Keep the faith, Lance………. stars in your Crown. +

  3. Dang, have been reading old stuff. Did I say that? Like looking at video, but with text.

  4. That's why he's Disinformation Dorothy.