Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ralph Cinque, Bullshit Artist Extraordinaire...UPDATED!

Serial liar Ralph, until recently crowing about how the picture he would take in Dealey Plaza would vindicate his wild rambling about the Moorman photo (but then forgot to take it while he was there) is now reduced to micro - bitching about supposed tiny differences between the photo and the excellent and meticulously researched recreations which have already been carried out. And even then he can't get it right...

Oswald Innocence Campaign founder Ralph Cinque continues to tell lies about the Moorman photo

Well, we'll wait for the Buda village idiot to show us exactly how much of the "west face" he presumes to be visible. Should be entertaining...

Meanwhile, instead of comparing two badly scaled photos crudely placed side by side, let's zoom in for a closer look at the pedestal using the same Moorman / Mack overlay as previously -

As we can clearly see, the  Mack recreation and the Moorman photo are virtually identical. And the same is also true of the other recreation photos which have been taken.

The same can't be said about Ralph's photo, however.

We'll look more closely at that next time... 


Ralph invents an imaginary extra face to Zapruder's pedestal

You see Ralph, this sort of junk is why nobody takes you seriously. Every single claim out of your mouth is a godamned lie.

Those are NOT two faces of the pedestal you fool, and there is absolutely no reason to suggest they are.  It's ONE face which Mary Moorman was directly opposite. EXACTLY as we see when the photos are overlaid. 

Only one choice at this point're either the world's stupidest man or it's worst liar. Well two choices could very well be both.

I'm not trying to claim it Ralph, I'm stating categorically that it is absolutely and without question all one face. And furthermore, that you'd be a complete moron to suggest anything else.

Are we clear?

Perhaps the finest demonstration yet of Ralph's stupidity..

Ralph, this is probably the finest demonstration to date of your total ineptitude. Dog and pony show? I guess you imagine it's more scientific to take two incorrectly scaled pictures, paste them next to each other and spout garbage...guess again, idiot.
I have demonstrated very clearly that the recreation is virtually identical to the original. You have only demonstrated once again just how spectacularly bad you are at this...
You produce work day after day which could be bettered by small children Ralph,,,,,

And by the way the total silence from ANYBODY in the OIC on this is very telling...


  1. Nice job with the GIF Lance

  2. Yes….. what do all those other 'senior members' of the OIC have to say about your brilliant 'research', Raff*? How does Mark Lane, Vincent Salandria, Peter Janney and other 'celebrity members' of your fine group weigh in on all this. Mr. Bolden?

    Excellent posts, Lance. I'm sure Duncan is having another chuckle right about now. But I'll be sending more operatives to Buda next week……. this time with FRANGIBLE arrows !

  3. Lance, this was very fine work in demonstrating the contour of the facade on the pedestal.